Writing Skills for Science and Technology, Elementary Level, First Edition



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First Edition

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Professor Suleiman Mazyad

Writing Skills for Science and Technology, Elementary Level, is designed for learners of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) who study scientific and technical English, as well as for those who work or are interested in these fields.
The underlying philosophy of the book is the author’s conviction that basic organizational skills and modes of communication need to be taught at a very early stage to all students, regardless of whether they are native or non-native speakers of a language. Putting off this crucial concept until grammatical mastery has been achieved results, in my view, in the acquiring of a narrow focus on language which becomes difficult to rectify later in their careers when students are expected to produce samples of extended writing that communicate coherently. Remember: since Chomsky in the 1950s, grammar is not language; grammar is merely a description of the way most native speakers use the language.
To this end, early on the text adopts an approach to meaningful writing using step-by-step explanations and exercises that guide the student towards the desired goals. This is done by teaching the mechanics of writing; sentence structure; kinds of sentences; describing dimensions and properties; and writing a paragraph. Then students are taught to write in seven practical and academic writing formats: Definitions, Classification, Processes and Procedures, Describing Experiments, Comparing, Contrasting, and Cause and Effect.
Examples illustrating the use of the language pattern being examined are presented in boxes along with relevant explanations. These are followed by a wide variety of stimulating topics and exercises that develop the writing skills of students. In the first four units, focus is placed primarily on writing correct sentences. Then the book focuses on expanding those writing skills by writing about various practical and academic endeavours that ultimately lead to writing connected scientific and/or technical paragraphs. In addition, great care has been taken to maintain an appropriate level of vocabulary and simplicity of grammar so that the explanations, directions, and readings are all easily accessible for elementary and lower-intermediate students.

Unit 1 Mechanics
Unit 2 Sentence Structure
Unit 3 Kinds of Sentences
Unit 4 Describing Dimensions and
Unit 5 The Paragraph
Unit 6 Definitions
Unit 7 Classifying
Unit 8 Processes and Procedures
Unit 9 Describing Experiments
Unit 10 Comparing
Unit 11 Contrasting
Unit 12 Cause and Effect


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