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Prof. Suleiman Mazyad has a PhD degree in Applied Linguistics-Second Language Acquisition from Durham University in the UK.
He is a prolific writer. He has authored and published more than eighty (80) academic and ESP books in addition to three (3) specialized dictionaries. These books encompass all four language skills of reading, writing, listening & speaking as well as grammar and vocabulary, and terminology at a variety of levels of language acquisition: elementary, lower-intermediate, intermediate and upper-intermediate.
The books cover almost all areas of language specialization to be found in a university setting or self-study environment including:
Academic English :
2007.English for academic Purposes,Elementary Level,an integrated textbook,Third Edition.
2007.English for academic Purposes,Intermediate Level,an integrated textbook,Third Edition.
General medical English :
Medical English – Reading Skills :
2008.English for Health Sciences,Reading Skills,Elementary Level,Fourth Edition.
. 2009.English for Health Sciences,Reading Skills,Lower Intermediate Level,Second Edition .
2004.English for Health Sciences,Reading Skills,Intermediate Level,Second Edition
Medical English – Listening Skills :
.Academic Listening for Health Professions,Elementary Level,Second Edition .
.Academic Listening for Health Professions,Intermediate Level,Second Edition .
Medical English – Writing Skills :
2009.Academic Writing for Health Professions,Elementary Level,Third Edition .
2009.Academic Writing for Health Professions,Intermediate Level,Third Edition .
Medical English – English Grammar :
2008.English Grammar for Health Professions,Elementary Level,First Edition .
2012.English Grammar for Health Professions,Intermediate Level,First Edition .
Medical English – Speaking Skills :
2008. Communicative English for Health Professions,Elementary Level,Second Edition .
2012.Communicative English for Health Professions,Intermediate Level,Second Edition .
Medical Terminology :
2009. Understanding and Using Medical Terms,Elementary Level,Third Edition .
. 2009. Understanding and Using Medical Terms:Studying and practicing Academic Vocabulary,Intermediate Level,Second Edition.
English for Nursing :
2009.English for Nursing,Elementary Level,An Integrated Textbook,Second Edition .
2008.English for Nursing,Intermediate Level,An Integrated Textbook,Second Edition .
English for Pharmacy :
2009.Pharmacy Terms in Common Use : Studying and Practicing Academic Vocabulary,Student’s Book,Second Edition .
2009.Pharmacy Terms in Common Use : Studying and Practicing Academic Vocabulary,Work Book,Second Edition .
English for Dentistry :
2008.English for Dentistry,Elementary Level,An Integrated Textbook,First Edition .
2008.English for Dentistry,Intermediate Level,An Integrated Textbook,First Edition.
Scientific English :
2004.English for Sciences,Elementary Level,An Integrated Textbook,Third Edition.
2008.English for Sciences,Intermediate Level,An Integrated Textbook,First Edition.
2007.Writing Skills for Science and Technology,Elementary Level,First Edition.
2008.Understanding and Using Scientific and Technical Terms.
English for Computer Science :
2008.English for Computer Science,Reading Skills,Elementary Level,Second Edition.
2008.English for Computer Science,Reading Skills,Intermediate Level,Second Edition.
2008.Listening Skills for Computer Science,Elementary Level.
2008.Listening Skills for Computer Science,Intermediate Level.
English for Engineering :
2008.English for Engineering,Reading Skills,Elementary Level,Second Edition.
2008.English for Engineering,Reading Skills,Intermediate Level,Second Edition.
2009.Listening Skills for Engineering and Technical English,Elementary Level,First Edition.
2009.Listening Skills for Engineering and Technical English,Intermediate Level,First Edition.
English for Business and Management :
2010.English for Business and Management,Elementary Level,An Integrated Textbook,Second Edition.
2008.English for Business and Management,Intermediate Level,An Integrated Textbook,Second Edition.
2011.Technical Report Writing Skills,First Edition.
English for Legal Studies :
2013.English for Legal Studies,Elementary Level,First Edition.
2013.English for Legal Studies,Intermediate Level,First Edition.
English for Architecture and Interior Design :
2015.English for Architecture and Interior Design,Elementary Level,First Edition.
2015.English for Architecture and Interior Design,Intermediate Level,First Edition.
English for Tourism :
2007.English for Tourism,Elementary Level,First Edition.
2007.English for Tourism,Intermediate Level,First Edition.
English for Journalism :
2015.English for Journalism,Elementary Level,First Edition.
2015.English for Journalism,Intermediate Level,First Edition.
English for accounting and Banking :
2008.English for Accounting and Banking,Elementary Level,First Edition.
2008.English for Accounting and Banking,Intermediate Level,First Edition.
Essentials of English for Specific Purposes :
2009.Essentials of English for Specific Purposes,Integrated Skills,Elementary Level,First Edition.
2009.Essentials of English for Specific Purposes,Integrated Skills,Lower Intermediate Level,First Edition.
Academic English :
2007.English for Academic Purposes,Elementary Level,An Integrated Textbook,Third Edition.
2009.English for Academic Purposes,Intermediate Level,An Integrated Textbook,Third Edition.
General English Integrated Textbooks :
2013.Foundations: Beginners,First Edition.
b. 2009.Foundations Access – Integrated Skills,High Beginning,First Edition.
Foundation 1 Integrated Skills,Low Intermediate,First Edition.
Separate Skills :
Listening and Speaking Skills :
2010.Listen and Speak : Listening and Speaking Skills,Elementary Level,First Edition.
2010.Listen and Speak : Listening and Speaking Skills,Intermediate Level,First Edition.
Reading Skills :
2010.Foundation 1 : Reading Skills,Elementary Level,First Edition.
2010.Foundations 2:Reading Skills,Intermediate Level,First Edition.
2010. Foundation 3 : Reading Skills,Upper Intermediate Level,First Edition.
2011. Foundation 4 : Reading Skills,Advanced Level,First Edition.
Writing Skills :
2011.Foundation 1: Writing Skills,Elementary Level,First Edition.
2011.Foundations 2:Writing Skills,Intermediate Level,First Edition.
2012. Foundation 3 : Writing Skills,Upper Intermediate Level,First Edition.
2012. Foundation 4 : Writing Skills,Advanced Level,First Edition.
English Grammar :
2011.Foundation : Grammar 1,Elementary Level,First Edition.
2011.Foundations :Grammar 2,Intermediate Level,First Edition.
2012. Foundation 3 :Grammar,Upper Intermediate Level,First Edition.
2012. Foundation 4 : Grammar,Advanced Level,First Edition.
Veterinary Science :
2015.English for Veterinary Science,Elementary Level,First Edition.
2015.English for Veterinary Science, Intermediate Level,First Edition.
General English Vocabulary :
2010.Vocabulary Practice,Elementary Level,First Edition.
2010.Vocabulary Practice,Lower Intermediate Level,First Edition.
2012.Vocabulary Practice,Upper Intermediate Level,First Edition.
2012.Vocabulary Practice,Advanced Level,First Edition.
Specialized Dictionaries :
2010.The Modern Medical Dictionary,English – Arabic,Second Edition.
2013.The Universal Picture Dictionary,First Edition.
2013.The Modern Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs,First Edition.
Agriculture :
2015.English for Agriculture,Elementary Level,First Edition.
2015.English for Agriculture, Intermediate Level,First Edition.
The Universal Legal Dictionary .
Legal Terminology

Prof. Mazyad is a well-known and respected academic who has acquired a world-wide reputation in ESP. His books have been adopted and are in use as textbooks for university courses and programs in many colleges and universities around the world.
Prof. Mazyad is fully dedicated to upgrading university ESP and general education. As such, he is ready, able, and willing to contribute to language programs at any university or other post-secondary educational or other professional institution.
Using his many years of classroom experience, he produces works that are realistic, practical, follow a modern academic-writing format, and reflect the actual language needs of students. His down-to-the-earth approach accounts for the wide use and outstanding success of his books.