Understanding and Using Medical Terms, Elementary Level




Welcome to the fourth edition of Understanding and Using Medical Terms, Elementary Level. This new edition has undergone major improvements in many aspects of the book including a great variety of exercises, organization, introduction and presentation of terms, contextualization, and an extensive use of illustrative pictures for almost all terms. This book is designed for university students and professionals who are studying English as a to meet the need for non-native speakers of English to acquire medical vocabulary. The material is arranged in nineteen chapters, and each chapters is divided into manageable sections. These are presented to the student in a regular, controlled fashion. Target words and their derivations are contextualized to illustrate their meanings and are systematically introduced so that vocabulary development can lead to enhanced language acquisition.

The book is accompanied by six online progress tests, one test for every three chapters. To do the tests, the student has to login onto www.professorsuleimanmazyad.com using his/her username and password which he/she can create using the code that appears on the back cover of the book. Word-formation boxes are provided to emphasize the importance of having a sound knowledge of  guess the meanings of many unknown words they will inevitably encounter in their textbooks and at work. Explanations, varied exercises, and illustrations are provided to aid, motivate, and test students’ learning. Short reading passages illustrating the use of vocabulary items from each section are also provided along with appropriate exercises.

To the Student meaning of the word. Then read and study them again until you have learnt what the word means and can use it in context. At the end of each section, exercises are provided so you can practice, and you can check how well you remember the vocabulary you have been studying.

Remember to study the information in the word-formation boxes. Learning the meanings of


Publications By Prof. Suleiman Mazyad – QELA AL ELM (QEH) FOR PUBLISHING
Publication Year 2020
An integrated textbook.
First Edition.
ISBN: 978-603-03-3913-6


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