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The Universal  Dictionary  of Diplomacy and International Relations  is the most up-to-date and practical English-Arabic dictionary available. It is unique in being the first of its kind to provide an authoritative and comprehensive reference of English-Arabic terms of diplomacy and international relations.


To enhance the authoritativeness and comprehensiveness of the Dictionary, the Arabic correspondences are based on the meanings of diplomacy terms in authoritative English dictionaries to provide precise and accurate Arabic correspondents.


The English entries are systematically presented and alphabetically laid out along with their Arabic meanings and pronunciations. They have been fully updated to reflect the very latest terms commonly used in various areas of diplomacy and international relations as well as in politics and related disciplines. They are also cross-referenced to well-known dictionaries, e.g. A Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics and International Relations, G. R. Berridge and Alan James. 2003. A Dictionary of Diplomacy Second Edition. Palgrave Macmillan, etc. (See References.) Comprehensive lists of acronyms and abbreviations are included and alphabetically arranged.


The dictionary is international in its coverage and will prove invaluable to students and academics studying politics and related disciplines, as well as politicians, journalists, and the general reader seeking clarification of political terms.   More especially, an attempt has been made to cater for the needs of the increasing number of graduate students of diplomacy. The terms they commonly come across in their reading often require elucidation; and references to the ‘great names’ in diplomacy sometimes lack the biographical material which helps to bring such figures to life. Such information is, we trust, supplied within.

This dictionary embraces the multi-disciplinary spectrum of political theory

including political thinkers, history, institutions, theories, and schools of thought, as well as notable current affairs that have shaped attitudes to politics.

The author is aware that, despite the best efforts made and extreme care taken, sins of commission as well as omission will have been made in this book. Since in due time he would like to produce a further edition, he would be grateful to any reader who would care to identify mistakes or propose new entries. If so moved, please write to Professor Suleiman Mazyad email or

Notes on Using the Dictionary

In using the Dictionary, the following points should be noted:

  • Each entry consists of a title or catchword, and such material as seems appropriate. The entry is followed by common phrases/sentences to illustrate its meaning/s. The entry is presented in colour followed immediately by its part of speech and pronunciation.
  • We have followed the convention of showing the derivations of the entry: verb, noun, adjective or adverb where applicable.
  • The use of acronyms has been minimized, and only in the cases of certain ones which are exceptionally well known, such as ‘NATO’ and ‘CIA’, are they used as entry titles on their subjects. When acronyms are used in the xv body of an entry the names which they represent are generally spelled out on first use.

Publications By Prof. Suleiman Mazyad – QELA AL ELM (QEH) FOR PUBLISHING
Publication Year 2021
An integrated textbook.
First Edition.
ISBN: 978-603-03-5688-1


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