The Modern Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs. First Ed.


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First Edition

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Professor Suleiman Mazyad

The Modern Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs and Idiomatic Expressions is the most up-to-date and practical English-Arabic dictionary for EFL/ESL learners and other users. It is linguistically adapted and culturally appropriate to cater to the actual needs of EFL/ESL learners.
The Dictionary is unique in being the first of its kind to provide English phrasal verbs and idioms side-by-side with their Arabic translations. The Arabic correspondents are based on the meanings of phrasal verbs and idioms in the contexts supplied.
The example sentences are clear, short, and easily-understood to enable all Dictionary users to begin using these verbs and idioms right away.
The Dictionary is a comprehensive reference volume of about 23,000 current and commonly-used phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions in English. They are systematically presented and alphabetically laid out with simple definitions and examples sentences.

What is a phrasal verb?
Why are phrasal verbs important?
Selection Principles
The Goals of This Dictionary
How to Use This Dictionary
Pronunciation guide
Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs


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