Essentials of English for Specific Purposes, Integrated Skills, Elem. Level. Book 1.First Ed.



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Professor Suleiman Mazyad

ESSENTIALS OF ENGLISH FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES, integrated skills is a theme-based, two-level, ESP series designed to prepare students for college and university-level specialized content. In order to facilitate academic success, the series combines communicative activities with skill-based exercises in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar. It encompasses a wide range of college and university specialties: business and office management, banking, ACCOUNTING, marketing, tourism, health sciences, and the hotel service industry. Essentials of English focuses on the real needs of ESP students who require vocational English in order to help them deal with various majors at college and university.
To achieve this goal, topics are carefully selected from authentic relevant materials covering a variety of college and university courses. This exposes students to the realities of specialized language requirements so they may gauge their own needs according to their individual stage of language acquisition. The materials are interwoven and interrelated to create cohesion and homogeneity in terms of themes, vocabulary, grammar, listening, and speaking activities. Spiral recycling is also maintained throughout the BOOK.
ESSENTIALS OF ENGLISH FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES, integrated skills is made up of eight thematically-based units. Each unit consists of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar.
The Before Listening, Listening, and After Listening sections activate students’ prior knowledge, guide them to listen for main ideas and specific information, and increase their understanding through comprehension questions and vocabulary recycling. Various task-based practice exercises reinforce listening comprehension.
The Vocabulary Preview introduces students to new vocabulary in the listening and reading sections. The listening sections increase students’ listening comprehension through task-based practice. Pictures provide valuable context for each topic.
The Before Reading, Reading, and After Reading sections provide scaffolding to help students build an understanding of authentic language. It does so by assisting them in the identification of main ideas while reinforcing understanding through the use of comprehension questions. In addition, language-learning strategies such as making good guesses about vocabulary and understanding pronoun reference provide students with the reading-comprehension tools they require. Students also have the OPPORTUNITY to generate language in a semi-controlled format through discussions and writing exercises. Students are encouraged to contribute their own opinions on subjects related to the various units.
The Grammar section contains explanations and charts that provide clear, easy-to-understand, and visually-appealing grammar presentations. The exercises in this section give students controlled practice of specific grammatical points, as well as some freer, communicative-based practice.
Writing exercises, in the form of controlled writing practice, develop naturally from the reading and grammar sections.
UNIT 1: What a Computer Is
UNIT 2: Connections with Customers
UNIT 3: Small-Business Managers
UNIT 5: IBM’s Road to Recovery
UNIT 6: Tourism
UNIT 7: Business Assets
UNIT 8: Health Information and Communication Services


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