English for Dentistry, Intermediate Level, First Edition


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First Edition

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Professor Suleiman Mazyad

ENGLISH FOR DENTISTRY, INTERMEDIATE Level, is the second book in a two-level course especially designed for dentistry students and professionals who are studying English as a Foreign language (EFL). The text integrates the basic skills of reading, speaking, and writing in order to prepare dentistry students to understand and be able to discuss dentistry subjects at an intermediate level. The project evolved from a study of the needs of dentistry students in the Arab world. Although the book focuses on dentistry, most of the skills taught are appropriate for any academic course of study.
Unit Organisation
The book emphasizes and integrates the basic skills of reading, speaking, and writing. The primary focus is placed on reading skills and vocabulary development in the context of academic dental studies. Grammar instruction – arising from the reading passages – is restricted so as to aid consolidation of the above skills. The introduction of grammatical items is graded and sequenced, where appropriate, in accordance with the principles of elementary language acquisition.
The reading passages have been carefully selected to reflect an appropriate level of language and to cover a wide range of dentistry topics from dentistry curriculums and dental journals. They are arranged in ten units; each unit consists of a brief pre-reading exercise and an exercise on skimming or scanning. Following the reading passage itself, there are post-reading exercises that focus on important reading skills: getting the main idea; guessing meaning from context; understanding the reading structure; finding the topic sentence; recognizing contextual reference; understanding signal words; making notes; outlining; comparing and contrasting; cause and effect; classification; exemplification; understanding stems and affixes, and discussing questions that relate the reading passage to the student’s own life.
The many and varied speaking and writing activities presented herein are closely related to the reading passages, and they give students adequate practice in the production of language in the field of dentistry.

UNIT 1: Infection
UNIT 2: Dentoalveolar Trauma
UNIT 3: Conscious Sedation
UNIT 4: The History of Toothpaste
UNIT 5: Denture Base Materials
UNIT 6: Toothache
UNIT 7: Determining Caries Risk
UNIT 8: Tooth Mobility
UNIT 9: Types of Dental Radiographs
UNIT 10: Bad Breath


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