English for Computer Science, Reading Skills, Elementary Level, Second Edition


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Second Edition

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Professor Suleiman Mazyad

Welcome to the second edition to ENGLISH FOR COMPUTER SCIENCE: Reading Skills, Elementary Level! This new edition is the product of extensive revision and evaluation, not only by myself and my students, but by the many instructors who, along with their students, have used the previous edition and have contributed valuable suggestions and comments. The success of the previous edition has been due, in large measure, to the honest and careful appraisal given by language instructors and their students.
ENGLISH FOR COMPUTER SCIENCE: Reading Skills, Elementary Level, is an introductory reading course for computer science students. It focuses on the real needs of students at this level for vocabulary expansion and reading skill-building. It is designed for use in EFL adult-education programs, universities, colleges, technical schools, and language institutes.
ENGLISH FOR COMPUTER SCIENCE: Reading Skills, Elementary LEVEL, is made up of ten thematically-based units, each of which is divided into two parts. Vocabulary-building and skill-building exercises accompany each reading. Each unit consists of a brief pre-reading exercise and an exercise on skimming or scanning. Following the reading passage itself, there are post-reading exercises that focus on important reading skills: getting the main idea; understanding the reading structure; understanding from context; recognizing contextual reference; the topic and topic sentence; understanding general and specific ideas; summarizing; understanding signal words; making an outline; understanding cause and effect; comparison and contrast; classification; exemplification; inference; and understanding sequence.
Each part of the unit concludes with a discussion designed to encourage students to think about, distill, and discuss the information they have read throughout the unit. Sometimes the discussion deals with a topic from outside the reading.
An important goal of ENGLISH FOR COMPUTER SCIENCE is to help computing students to become confident readers by increasing their vocabulary base and improving their reading skills. It engages them in the process of reading thoughtfully and encourages them to move beyond passive reading.

Unit 1 Computer Programs
Part One
Part Two: Computer Languages
Unit 2 Functions of a Computer
Part One
Part Two: Special-Purpose / Dedicated Computers
Unit 3 What Is Programming?
Part One
Part Two: The Information- Processing Machine
Unit 4 Mainframes and Supercomputers
Part One
Part Two: Mailing Lists
Unit 5 Portable Computers
Part One
Part Two: The First Generation of Microprocessors
Unit 6 The Emergence of Networks
Part One
Part Two: Implications: Social and Ethical Issues
Unit 7 The Internet Explosion
Part One
Part Two: The Internet Culture
Unit 8 The Computer in Action
Part One
Part Two: The Privacy Problem
Unit 9 The Microcomputer Revolution
Part One
Part Two: Development of Vacuum- Tube Computers
Unit 10 Computer Memory
Part One
Part Two: The CPU: The Real Computer


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