Listen and Speak: Listening and Speaking Skills, Intermediate Level, First Edition.


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First Edition

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Professor Suleiman Mazyad

LISTEN AND SPEAK is a theme-based, three-level, general English series designed to enable ESL/EFL students to develop their listening and speaking skills to deal with authentic conversations. The conversations are built around up-to-date and stimulating topics that are relevant and appropriate. The exercises are carefully graded throughout the books.
Format of the Book
LISTEN AND SPEAK is made up of ten thematically- and conversationally-based units. Each unit consists of these sections:
Before Listening
A set of questions to discuss orally that are related to the topic of the unit. The central aim is to activate students’ prior knowledge about the subject to repare them to listen to the unit subject matter.
Vocabulary Preview
First students listen to a series of key words and phrases important to understanding the listening. Then they listen to the complete conversation containing the new vocabulary. These vocabulary items are 1) briefly explained in the preview and accompanied by sentences with missing words to be filled in.
2) Students are asked to guess the meaning of certain underlined words and phrases, and match each with its correct meaning on the left.
Listening Exercises
A variety of listening exercises that focus on developing listening skills are provided:
– recognizing the main idea
– understanding specific information
– identifying stressed words and contractions
– identifying long forms and reductions
– pronouncing exclamations
– pronouncing -ed endings
– identifying answers and questions
– taking notes while listening
– pronouncing vowels and consonants
After Listening / Speaking
This section focuses on speaking activities through comprehension questions answered orally in complete sentences; vocabulary reviews that reinforce understanding and improve learner ability to communicate with the new vocabulary and so on; talking about pictures; and authentic speaking
opportunities in a variety of formats such as interviews, surveys, scenarios. Each unit concludes with a discussion exercise related to the unit topic. All these speaking activities aim at enhancing students’ fluency, building confidence by linking understanding to production, and improving overall ability to communicate effectively.
UNIT 1: Educational Opportunities for Women
UNIT 2: E-learning
UNIT 3: The Route to Success
UNIT 4: It’s Your Computer Calling
UNIT 5: The Price of Life
UNIT 6: The Cost of Working Overtime
UNIT 7: Hiring Fair and Square
UNIT 8: Driving Distracted
UNIT 9: Healthy Teeth; Happy Smile
UNIT 10: The Culture of Doing Business


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