Foundations: Beginners, First Edition


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First Edition

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Professor Suleiman Mazyad

Welcome to the first edition of Foundations: Beginners. This series is designed to be a bridge to bring students up to an ability level appropriate to starting an elementary-level general English course. It addresses the weaknesses and needs of beginners and other learners through a thorough review of basic grammar, functions, and vocabulary in order to enable correct and appropriate use of words, phrases, and then sentences.
To achieve this purpose, the book is rich in pictures and illustrations, with clear presentations of new items in each section of the unit as well as starting exercises with examples that show students how to do exercises.
The book has ten units, each divided into four sections, and each section has its own purpose.
The Grammar sections introduce new grammatical items and explanations.
The Functions sections introduce the uses of grammatical items.
The Vocabulary sections present and explain the use of new vocabulary.
The Reading sections are comprised of natural conversations that show the use of grammar and vocabulary of the unit.
We hope that you will enjoy using this book, and through it become better, more confident learners of English.
UNIT 1 Sami teaches history.
UNIT 2 Jana, this is Manual.
UNIT 3 It’s half past six.
UNIT 4 Go straight and take the first left.
UNIT 5 Would you like to come to dinner with us?
UNIT 6 I’d like a table for five please.
UNIT 7 I’m sorry.
UNIT 8 This is 999; can I help you?
UNIT 9 Open your book.
UNIT 10 Ahmad is taller than his brother.


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