English for Business and Management, An Integrated Textbook, Intermediate Level, Second Edition


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Second Edition

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Professor Suleiman Mazyad

Welcome to the second edition of English For Business and MANAGEMENT, Intermediate Level. This new edition is the product of constant revision and evaluation, not only by me, but also by the many instructors who, along with their students, have used the previous edition and have sent in valuable suggestions and comments. The success of the previous edition has been due, in large measure, to the honest and careful APPRAISAL given by instructors and their students.
English For Business and Management, Intermediate Level, is an integrated text designed for business and MANAGEMENT students and professionals who study English as a Foreign Language (EFL) at an intermediate level.
Unit Organization
The BOOK emphasizes and integrates the basic skills of speaking, reading, and writing in the context of academic and everyday usage, with particular emphasis on the former. Grammar instruction arising from the reading passages is limited so as to aid consolidation of the above skills. The introduction of language is carefully controlled in accordance with the principles of intermediate language acquisition. Vocabulary items are systematically treated in each unit, and lexical items are recycled throughout the book as frequently as possible.
The reading passages have been carefully selected so as to remain within the intermediate level of language instruction. They are arranged in eight units. Each unit is preceded by a five to ten minute oral exercise to motivate the reading lesson. The introductory questions serve to present the topic of the unit, to stimulate interest, and to involve students actively in the lesson. Vocabulary Preview explains difficult or unusual vocabulary items from the text. There are also gap-fill exercises, and exercises on skimming and scanning. Following the reading, there are more exercises on areas that develop and reinforce effective reading strategies: specific information, general ideas, classification, cause and effect, comparison and contrast, getting the main idea, outlining, and referencing, etc. Techniques for identifying, reading, and understanding the given form of organization are explained. Specific grammar points from the reading passages lead on to writing and speaking exercises.

UNIT 1: Administration
UNIT 2: JOB Rotation
UNIT 3: Recruitment and Selection
UNIT 4: Wages and SALARIES
UNIT 5: Compensation Administration
UNIT 6: Training
UNIT 7: Types of Committees


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